Monday, May 31, 2010

See you in Vegas, Couture 2010: Katrina Kelly Jewelry

Looking forward to see you at the Las Vegas Couture Jewelry 
Show! Katrina Kelly Jewelry
18k Gold and Sapphire Seven Layers of Love Rings Layered 
with Glimmer Vault Rings

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Katrina Kelly's 7 Layers of Love Rings Unveiling at Couture

I have just unveiled my new LOVE rings. My 7 Layers of Love Rings.
Yes, Trademarked by the way, both 7 and Seven. TM

Sentimental Seven, Auspicious, Timeless and Enduring
mix and match all these lovely rings to your fancy

Much LOVE to this fabulous blog.

create and capture
an all encompassing design that defines
an alluring, auspicious and
sentimental statement
which perpetuates profundity
while embracing beauty
aesthetically, spiritually
AND I did not want to unveil it until I had my trademark...Finally...

Fine jewelry designer Katrina Kelly has clearly been pondering the profundity of infatuation and the necessary elements for long-lasting love. Forget there being seven deadly sins —if we look at enough religious, mythical and mystical texts, we'll find attributes like wisdom, mental acuity, luck, artistry, and intuition associated with this digit. In fact, many ancient civilizations have interpreted the number as sacred or magical. It follows, then, that someone would use the number seven to examine a subject as complex and truly divine as love.
Katrina Kelly's new "7 Layers of Love" rings consists of a septet of jeweled bands that can be worn individually or stacked atop one another, with each piece symbolizing a different aspect of this romantic sentiment: Luck (since chance often plays a role in finding that special someone), Light (since love can make you feel enlightened and joyous), Laughter (what relationship can survive without some humor?), Lover (passion informs romantic love, after all), Loyalty (trust cannot exist without it), Love (an emotion that can't be scientifically explained), and Life (since true love lasts a lifetime).
I'll say "hello, lover" to these rings any day! By: Celia from sicka than average