Friday, January 23, 2009

Top selling Katrina Kelly 18k Gold Eternity Bands are Running off the Shelves as Wedding Rings

I had envisioned a light, delicate, feminine and graceful ring that really emphasized the patterns and diamonds without being gaudy or pompous. I wanted the rings to have influences from my wedding dress and my Turkish and Persian flare. Here are the rings. One is worn on my right middle finger, and often together with other rings. I am so delighted that many brides are also intrigued by it and are wearing it as their wedding rings. Thank you! And I found this blog showing my jewelry Thank you Brenda's Wedding Blog!!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Katrina Kelly Jewelry Interview Tell Us About Your Collection

My line is designed by a woman for women. It breaks away from the same old same old designs, but still retains a classic aesthetic that is so sought after. Women understand how to create bold, strong, delicate and feminine jewelry without being chunky and so geometric. Women are clever, soft, intelligent and sensual so should be their jewelry. My line represents women with discerning tastes and aesthetically acute senses. Any woman that has traveled, read voraciously or simply likes to feel and look ravishing will value The Katrina Kelly Jewelry Collection. My Jewelry is for ladies that appreciate an epicurean lifestyle of fine arts, cultures and beauty.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Platinum Gold Ruby American Egg Inspired by Faberge

Some say don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Stanislav Kaufman , a jeweler for Van Craeynest does not know this saying. Perhaps he was weary of mundane tasks of the everyday manufacture jeweler. A sort of epiphany seemed to occur. He had an ambition for a challenge. More specifically he longed to emulate a Faberge-style egg and make his own egg. He executed his version in a piercing 12 years. He named it The American Egg, however I want to call it the Regal Awesome Magnificent Egg. My vocabulary is just not extensive enough to send him the praise and accolades that he deserves. Bravo! Just look at this egg. This egg is absolutely stunning. After spending quite a bit of time as a bench jeweler myself I have the upmost respect and admiration for this masterpiece. This must have been an enduring and excruciating task. I want to see it in person. The American Egg is made of nearly 20 ounces of platinum, yellow gold and 3,000 diamonds and rubies. His basket containing one egg is valued at $5 million. I feel that Kaufman far exceeded his ambitions. This is his magnum opus. I must see this egg in real life. Photo from JCK.