Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Had so much fun at Neiman Marcus Texas Ridgemar Trunk Show. Such a delight to meet my patrons in person! LOVING the sales from my 7 Layers of Love® Jewelry Collection-Katrina Kelly Jewelry

Friday, December 3, 2010

Katrina Kelly’s 7 Layers of Love® Jewelry Collection:: eternal keepsakes of heartfelt sentiment

Katrina Kelly has created an alluring collection that reflects love’s aesthetic, spiritual and poetic beauty and expresses the profound nature of love. She takes inspirations from a wide variety of cultures and combines stunning design elements–including the classic romance of Italian and Turkish artistic traditions–to present all facets of love in this unique collection. 7 Layers of Love® Collection by Katrina Kelly

7 Layers of Love® Rings:: An affirmation of the many ways that love enriches our lives, the 7 Layers of Love® ring collection consists of seven jeweled bands that can be worn individually or layered atop one another.  With elegant simplicity, each design symbolizes one of the seven remarkable aspects of the experience of love. The rings honor the unique beauty of the woman who wears them and serve as an everlasting celebration of her own cherished love story.
7 Layers of Love® Charms: Katrina Kelly’s charms are wearable symbols and eternal allegories that embrace love’s supreme influence.  Celebrating love in all its forms, the 7 Layers of Love® charms express the gift of friendship, the bonds of family, the importance of self-love, and the incomparable delight of romance. Each charm is a timeless expression of the wearer’s deepest feelings and most heartfelt sentiments.