Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Fine Jewelry Wands For The Spiritual, Wisdom and Magic Lover

Fine Jewelry Wands For The Spiritual, Wisdom and Magic Lover

The Wisdom Wish Wands are full of symbolic inspiration.  A wish is the first step in making all your dreams come true. One must first visualize your wish—then with the help of the Wish Wands, you will have a constant tangible reminder to do all you can to make that wish come true!

May all of your Wisdom Wishes® Come True with the Wish Wands!

The Golden Jewelry Wands For The Spiritual, Wisdom and Magic Seeker come in many styles.One of my favorites is the Golden Fairy Wand Charm.  Wish big and wear this golden wisdom reminder  close to your heart. I designed this piece while imaginging myself full of magical and wishful powers! It has sparkling beading and is sprinkled with glimmering diamonds. The reverse side has word “wisdom” inscribed in the center. It is high polished with a 2” drop.

The Golden Fairy Diamond Wish Wand comes on a 16″ cable chain —wear solo, or mix, match, and layer with other necklaces for extra magic.

Share & Wear Wisdom® These elongated vertical bar style pendants are called Wisdom Wands® Wear them to help guide you on your path to wisdom— and let them help you awaken your inner magic! All Wands come with a surprise wisdom quote! Wear your Wisdom.

Diamonds foster great wisdom, courage, purity, truth, unity, spiritual wealth love and fidelity. They also symbolize perfection because of their indestructibility.

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