Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Wittelsbach Diamond Sold at Auction

Oh my! I just read that Graff Diamonds purchased the Wittelsbach Diamond at a Christie's auction. The diamond is an impressive 17th-century, cushion-shaped, deep grayish-blue 35.56 carat VS2 stone. Price of $683,667 per carat! I read that Fran├žois Curiel the chairman of Christie's Europe and the sale's auctioneer, noted: “In the midst of these challenging times, we were thrilled to achieve an historic price for an historic diamond. At $24.3 million, the 35.56-carat Wittelsbach blue diamond, dating to the 17th century, has become the most expensive diamond sold at auction, topping the previous record of $16.5 million for a 100-carat diamond in 1995 in Geneva. It was purchased by the leading international jeweler Laurence Graff, bidding against Aleks Paul of Essex Global Trading, a professional of Russian origin based in New York.” Yes again, Diamonds are a girl’s best friend-And apparently a boy's best friend as well.

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