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Katrina Kelly Love Rings

Katrina Kelly Jewelry featured in JCK Jewelry Trade Magazine-

75 Rings: From Cocktail Baubles to Wedding Bling Rings-LOVE this shot of my 7 Layers of Love Rings
Damiani Metropolitan band and Katrina Kelly 7 Layers of Love rings

Seven Layers of Love Rings TM 
Katrina Kelly aspired to create and capture an all encompassing design that defines an alluring, auspicious and sentimental statement that perpetuates profundity while embracing beauty aesthetically, spiritually and poetically. Alas. . .
“I believe that to be lucky in love, all 7 layers, is unworldly. If you are so fortunate to have it, then your heart should be paraded around your fingers for all to see and admire. You cannot help but to feel infinitely treasured and loved with these symbolic gestures of love.” Katrina Kelly
The 7 Layers of Love rings consists of a septet of jeweled bands that can be worn individually or layered atop one another; each ring symbolizes a unique aspect of love’s romantic sentiment.
(since chance often plays a role in finding that special someone)
(because love creates a feeling of enlightenment and delight)
(what relationship can survive without some humor?)
(intimacy and passion ignites romantic love, and becoming one is sacred )
(hopelessly devoted; trust cannot exist without it)
(pure true love is not definable, but you whole heartily know and feel it)
(true love lasts a lifetime and gives your life renewed significance)

Say "Hello, lover" to our entire collection!

May 2010 Katrina Kelly Press Release

Press Release:
Katrina Kelly Jewelry has just unveiled our new 7 Layers of Love Rings TM  as well as our Glimmer Vault Rings.  We’ve included images and a brief description below and we’d love to share them with you. Whether purchased as a set of 7 or as individual rings, they were created to represent the intricate, graceful, classic and symbolic gestures of love.

·      LUCK layer 1, 18k gold intricate beaded petite band. 2mm in width
·      LIGHT layer 2, 18k gold fine and intricate beaded petite band with an undulating wave shape, 2mm in width
·      LAUGHTER layer 3, 18k gold fine and intricate beaded petite band with .09tcw in diamonds. 2mm in width
·       LOVER layer 4, 18k gold fine and intricate beaded petite band with an undulating wave shape, .14tcw in diamonds, 2mm in width
·      LOYALTY layer 5, 18k gold finely beaded 3 diamond layer petite band, 1.4 mm in width, 21tcw
·      LOVE layer 6, 18k gold, fine and intricate beaded band with undulating wave shape. 6 larger diamonds and a continuous row of diamonds .21tcw, 2.3mm in width.
·      LIFE layer 7, is the most intricate pattern, 18k gold, fine and precise beaded undulating shape eternity band with detailed life and paisley patterns. .25tcw diamonds, 3.5mm in width 

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