Thursday, July 8, 2010


International Jewellery TRENDS & COLOURS showcases Katrina Kelly Jewelry Love Rings. The 7 Layers of Love ™ rings consists of a septet of jeweled bands that can be worn individually or layered atop one another; each ring symbolizes a unique aspect of love’s romantic sentiment.
About Europa Star’s International Jewellery TRENDS & COLOURS:
French couturier, Christophe Guillarm√©, explains, “jewellery is clearly an obvious extension of an outfit and I use it on the catwalk to add fun and glamour to my creations. In some cases, we use extravagant and fancy jewellery to give a strong eye-catching look.” And the look is what it is all about. For the Spring/Summer 2010 collections, global runways were full of statement-making necklaces, stackable bangles, wide cuffs, and dangling hoops. But this is only part of the jewellery story for 2010. For a broader perspective of this year’s design directions, Trends & Colours presents the top twelve trends that consumers will be looking for this year. And, since colour is one of the main trends, we also include the opinions of several fashion designers on the use of colour in their 2010 collections. Some of the 2010 jewellery trends are not really that new. Rather, they continue to evolve with different colours or changes in texture, form, or styling. Others are more recent, since trends, by definition, are influenced by economic, social, and cultural factors. The openwork design direction, for example, is the result of the current economic malaise and the record-breaking prices of gold and platinum. The organic and eco-jewellery trends arise from changes in social and cultural attitudes.
A trend of a different sort is the growing importance, and even necessity, for jewellers to have an Internet presence as a part of a balanced marketing program. The online consulting firm IC Agency, partner of Europa Star, examines the importance of social marketing for a selection of global luxury jewellery brands with lessons that can be applied to all businesses. In our Industry Focus, we travelled to Spain to visit the unique and remarkable Parque Joyero de Córdoba and its state-of-the art jewellery school, whose students will undoubtedly be part of the trendsetters of the future. From all of the team here at International Jewellery/Couture, we extend our best wishes for a happy and profitable 2010.
Cynthia Unninayar,
January 1st, 2010
Europa Star’s International Jewellery TRENDS & COLOURS:
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